About Ky 

My Story. My Mission.
My Transformation.

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“At one point in my life I fell into a deep depression. I gained over 50lbs. If I can do it, I know you can too. I will motivate you and I will go at your own pace. You can do it and I can help.”

I have experience working with clients of all ages, from 8 years old to as old as 80 years old. The style of training can very easily be adjusted, and is based off of client’s age, physical fitness, personal goals or medical conditions if any.


No two training sessions are alike, each is tailored to the client’s goal. Give me your goals and I will give you the steps to get there with a fun strategy designed specifically for you around workouts and exercises that you enjoy and have fun.


I can help you create the body you have always wanted, it’s that simple. My philosophy to training has always been about trying to find a way of making it fun while achieving the desired results. I believe we should have fun doing it, this way I hope that people will enjoy and embrace making exercise an everyday part of their schedule as something to be enjoyed and looked forward to rather than become a chore to be dreaded.



My signature workout is Kybata (Ky’s version of Tabata) a combination of functional workouts I created that transformed not only my body but the bodies of hundreds of my clients. Functional exercises are what I enjoy introducing to my clients. Going to the gym, lifting weights and spending hours on cardio machines are one-dimensional. With Key Fitness Tabata I incorporate the total body on all exercises, burning more calories, and achieving faster results.


I understand your time is valuable

I understand your challenges, your busy lifestyle, your family traditions. I understand you want to lose weight and get toned but you don’t want to compromise your quality time with your family and friends.


I also understand, that for most people to stay on track and to achieve their fitness goals, they need someone to hold them accountable. I’m driven to understand your needs, lifestyle, and make sure you do not “fall off the wagon” and give up.


My experiences have led me to explore all areas of advanced conditioning, healthy nutrition and fat loss. I have developed my own system, a combination of high-intensity interval training, cardio and resistance training protocols combined with proper nutrition and lifestyle changes. The vast majority of people I meet want to lose weight, in truth they want to lose body fat and I believe my signature program is a proven method to not only take you there but keep you there.

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Please fill out my contact form with your basic information and fitness goal. I promise not to SPAM you, it will only be used to contact you and get your fitness goal in mind. You may also just call me 808-291-9044